2023 USA Ultimate Championships Awarded To Huntington Beach

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January 5th 2023: The 2023 USA Ultimate Beach Championships has been awarded to Huntington Beach and will take place May 13th and 14th. Since the sport started in 2015 this is the first time the championships have been held on the west coast as the first six editions were held in Virginia Beach. The 2020 and 2021 editions were cancelled because of the pandemic.

What Is USA Ultimate?

USA Ultimate is a disc non contact sport played by teams of seven players. The object of the game is to score goals; To score those goals a player must catch a legal pass in the end zone that the player is attacking. A player must not run while holding the disc which can be moved down the field by passing in any direct. If a pass to another player is incomplete a turn over happens which means the other team are now in possession. A interested part about the game is the players self officiate the game based on the spirit and rules of the game.

Later in the year Huntington Beach is also set to host the 2023 WFDF World Beach Ultimate Championships October 28th through November 4th. Huntington Beach has a long history with disc golf at Central Park its nice to see tournaments that are a little different than the normal ones seen in Huntington Beach such as surfing, skating and beach volleyball.

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